Lead Paint Resources -

Lead Paint Resources

The most common source of childhood lead poisoning is from homes containing lead based paint.  The EPA estimates that more than 80% of homes built before 1978 contain lead based paint.  Homes built before 1950 pose an even greater risk because the concentrations of lead used are much higher.  In Hennepin County, it is estimated that 26% of homes were built before 1950 with Minneapolis having an even higher percentage.

It is important to know the facts about lead based paint and its potential effects on young children when purchasing an older home.  Here are some links to important website with more information:

Health Links:


MN Department of Health

Minneapolis Health Department


Remodeling information:

EPA Lead Safe Practices handbook

Minnesota Lead Certified Contractors (including testing firms)


Real Estate Disclosures:

Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home – Real Estate Disclosure


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